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Healthy Hair Dye Maker Harvest Moon® Launches Updated Website, Continues Educating Consumers on Benefits of Chemical-free Approach to Hair Coloring

Spring Texas, Aug. 12, 2014 – Harvest Moon® Healthy Hair Dye ( now has a modern, attractive web presence to complement its popular, all-natural line of hair and beard dye. The newly designed site is heavy on appealing graphics while also featuring an intuitive user interface. Being easy to use is essential to Harvest Moon’s® mission of connecting people with safe, effective hair dyes and related products.

Typical hair treatments and dyes are not supportive of long-term hair health. Bleaching, for instance, penetrates the cuticle at the base of the follicle, fundamentally altering the hair’s structure. The process also destroys pigment, which sometimes results in permanent color changes. Chemical dyes also break apart pigments and proteins. Perms, meanwhile, might be a dramatic way to create a new look, but at the cost of eventually making hair brittle and dry. Even something as simple as shampoo can cause problems. Too much or too vigorous shampooing or the wrong choice of shampoos will strip away hair’s natural moisture.

With so many ways to abuse their hair, it’s little wonder that consumers eventually seek out an alternative solution that doesn’t pile on more damage. Based on feedback, Harvest Moon estimates that 95% of its customers purchase Harvest Moon® products after having bad experiences with chemical hair dyes. The good news is that henna dye actually supports hair health and encourages luxuriant growth. Harvest Moon® explains that its products pamper hair, whereas so many other products essentially coerce hair into behaving a certain way.

Recipes for natural henna-based hair dyes go back millennia, with reports of Cleopatra using the compound to maintain her youthful and vibrant appearance. Henna works excellently as a hair dye for the vast majority of people, regardless of age, ethnicity or hair type. Seeing no need to reinvent the wheel, Harvest Moon® has developed a wide variety of dyes and treatments based on these ancient formulations. Dyes are available in more than a dozen shades, and customers can mix two or more together to create new shades.

Using Harvest Moon’s® hair dyes is easy. A strand test can confirm what shade will result given a certain color of henna; the company recommends that consumers pay no attention to bloggers touting supposed recipes for “enhancing” the effects of the dye. In fact, all that’s needed is henna and water – that’s because Harvest Moon’s® henna is always fresh and potent. The company sells complete hair dye kits, including plastic gloves and shower caps.

Today, consumers must be aware that many products, especially those in the health and beauty aisle, slap on the “natural” label without actually being chemical free. Harvest Moon® sets a different standard, guaranteeing that its products are completely natural. All of Harvest Moon® Healthy Hair Dye’s ingredients are plant-based, hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin or damaged hair. They’re even certified safe for children, pregnant women and people undergoing cancer treatments.

About Harvest Moon® Healthy Hair Dye

After four years of continual innovation, Harvest Moon has become a trusted producer of chemical-free, 100% vegan hair dyes for men and women. The online storefront also provides an informative resource for those wanting to learn more about natural solutions to hair and beard coloring. In addition to henna-based hair dyes, Harvest Moon® also produces gentle hair and skin care products, lotions and shampoos. The company ships worldwide.

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  1. I’m going through a reaction to a hair dye l have put on my hair and right now my head is throbbing right now and weeping badly l don’t know what to do any advise will be helpful.

    • If you have an allergic reaction to chemical hair dye you can take benadryl. Also put aloe vera gel on the scalp.

  2. I am from India
    And I want know more details about black colour henna . I used many types of chemical dyes and all were allergenic to me and last I purchased manly mustachio hair dye but I have not result from the product.. So please send me details about your product harvest moon black dye and mixing and apply instruction

    Thanking you
    Saji thomas

  3. hi,
    my last question before i buy the product (henna hair color) i have used henna hair color before(little packages from india) and i was dying my hair and washing of the henna and my hair would be colored.however i read and watch videos here about a man coloring his beard he waited 18 hours after the application and washing it off for his beard turn colored. so the results are not instant? when i dye my hair henna is going to leave a coverage on my hair? and in 18 hours it will my hair to turn to dark color? or when i wash it the henna will completely removed and get cleaned from my hair not leaving any layers like nailpolish leaves in nails so water can go under?

    • The color you do depends on how fast it will turn. In the video it actually turned much faster, he was just showing results from 18 hours later. Most are instant. Especially pure henna and reds.
      You only leave it in your hair one hour and then rinse. No longer. Also follow our instructions, not others unless you have experience using henna hair dye. It rinses rather easily.

  4. Hi. I have used a couple of different hair dyes ….”Restoria” & “Just for men” however they both react with my skin after a couple of applications & cause bad blistering mainly on my chin. I am interested in trying your henna product however you don’t say how long it lasts between applications ? (at least I didn’t see it mentioned on your website)


    • It last until it grows out on your beard. Hair grows slower so usually fades over a few months on the hair.

  5. Hi. I’ve recently used henna light brown on my crown area that is predominately white. Left it on for two hours w cellophane wrap. Washed it out w a mild shampoo and conditioner.
    Came out quite orange. Am looking for a light brown how do I achieve that

    • Your not supposed to cellophane wrap it. Make sure you follow our directions. It should only be red temporarily and should turn brown over night.
      Make sure you follow our instructions.

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