Old henna new henna

Henna Hut has a new shipment of dyes in and some really great new products on the way!

You asked we listened!

When it comes to our pure henna, we suck the air out so much for freshness it makes it feel hard, when in fact it is still a powder.

No need to mix and let it set out all night. Harvest Moon® by Henna Hut is ready as soon as you mix it.

The secret is really not a secret; our henna is the freshest on the planet! We Package it just after it is dried and sifted. Did you know the majority of henna on the market is old and no good? If you have to leave it out overnight this is the first sign of old henna!

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    • Yes. However keep in mind it will be much brighter on highlights. It also may bleed for a while. The more you use it the less it will bleed.

  1. Is it safe to do a few bleached/lightened highlights over the red henna to add some depth and variety of color

    • Yes, just keep in mind bleach is hard to make blond if starting with a darker color. regardless if it is chemical or natural. Give two weeks after doing henna.

  2. I used to use Egytian from a yellow can, I guess they went out of business. It ended up being an Auburn color. Do you have that kind of color where I can purchase it?

    • depending on what color you are starting with, our copper is auburn on very light hair, red on white hair. If your hair is brown use our 100% pure henna henna hair dye (natural red) and then you will have auburn as well.

  3. When are you getting the BROWN back in stock??
    It’s been too long! I am overdue for a henna treatment.

    • It will be next week.
      You can order a light brown and put in the notes you need some free indigo, then just mix it in and you will have brown.
      It is the exact same. Just mix the two packs we send together, then put it in a zip lock baggy and mix what you need when you need it. It will last a year like this.

  4. I have been using your brown hair dye for years with great results. However, my hair turned orangish red when I applied the new henna I just received. Why would this happen?

    • I get a different color every time I use it, however the next day it is always brown. So what you see at first will change over 24 hours.

  5. I have white hair that has been dyed light brown with some bleached highlights. How can I make my hair a light auburn color with henna?

    • You will need to use mahogany. The lighter areas might need to be done again in a few days to make it more even. Be careful not to make the light brown to dark.

  6. I have been using the copper for years. Now, I have more white hair around my edges and the copper looks orangish. It was not bad when I had less white hair. Can I do my entire head with light brown to take away the orange highlights and edges? Is there another color . . .? Thank you.

  7. I am now allergic to hair dye and am very interested in more information about your products. Hate to give up dying. My hair is naturally reddish brown. Well not now, but would love to color again and be safe.

    • Your not alone, we have had over 50,000 customers that come to us after they get an allergic reaction to chemical hair dye. Our website and forum are full of questions and answers. I suggest you sign up for our forum ( you can use Facebook log in, we do not see this information) and use the search bar to ask a question or a keyword. You can also do the same with out website.

  8. Hi. My natural hair color is ash medium brown. Can I achieve it with your product? I don’t want any warm shades like orange, only ash. Thanks

  9. Hello,
    I used henna hut years ago for jet black and I remember needing lemon juice and some other ingredients to mix. I understand that now it is only water needed.. Is it still the same product? Why did the mixing/application process change?

    • Better crops and fresher henna has changed this. You do not even need lemon to do henna tattoos with our henna. It is a much better product than it was 10 years ago. We have learned that feeding the soil improves the quality.
      Depleted soil leads to poor quality.

  10. I used LUSH Henna Rouge on my very blonde/naturally white hair. I now have ORANGE hair. I have been soaking in coffee, no change. A friend sent me your link. She said you may have Henna that can tone down the bright orange. I was hoping for strawberry blonde, but nope. I am told I can’t do anything lighter to it.. So, if I have to go darker, I would want more of a rich deep red or at least some brownish color mixed in with this orange.
    I am teacher and I am so embarrassed with the Lucile Ball red orange I have!! Please help me. I was divorced last month after 22 years, and I am finally able to be a red head, not a blonde…but I never wanted orange:( No stylist will touch my hair because I used Henna, but I hate chemicals, my hair is so so thin, too many years of bleaching it to keep it blonde and not totally white.
    I saw Katrina Van Tassel character on Sleepy Hallow show and loved her red colored hair just two days ago, and that would be awesome to try.
    Please, please, help me!!!

    • So sorry I didn’t see this post until now. I am so sorry to hear about your marriage that is horrible. I would recommend Natural mahogany hair dye
      You can also try a light brown or even copper. Copper on blond can also be pretty bright. Get that hair to a beautiful mahogany and you will have men nipping at your heals in no time! One door closes another opens, make the best of it!

  11. To cover grey hair do I need to use 2 products ( henna + indigo) ? or will Indigo suffice?
    Does your product ( as a perk 🙂 give body and moisture? My hair is very dried out and frizzy from using “natural” hair dyes but it is wavy and shiny before I add any product for fullness.
    Have lost ALOT of hair so would love to find a natural product to add fullness, moisture PLUS cover grey roots.

    Please advise so I can order asap
    Am excited to finally find something to solve these problems!
    Thanx so much!

  12. My name is Melanie Ward!! I love your products. But, twice I have ordered aloe shampoo and conditioner. But was shipped the green tea. I asked for an explanation. I want to order; but, want the aloe.

    • Wow, sorry Melaine. We are currently sold out of Aloe Shampoo, with more on the way. I am trying to look you up in our database and not finding you by email or your name. Can you email us the name on the order(s) or the order number which starts with a 6? Please email it to http://www.hennahut.com/contact. Very important you give us the correct info and order number which I see you did not supply and someone asked and never heard back.

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