indigoIndigo is what we use to make our jeans blue and our hair black. It is also used to make browns,mahogany,copper brown and other dark colors. Learn more about Indigo hair dye and how you can use it to dye your hair.

Indigofera (indigo) is a flowering plant, and is widely used for hair dye. It is a green/blue powder and smells like frozen peas. It is also what they use to make blue jeans in the old days. We use it to create a luscious deep jet black, browns,deep reds and mahogany hair color. It is easily mixed and does wonders for your hair. Cover the gray the natural way!TM With Harvest Moon Indigo. Our Indigo comes from a flower and is not man made, it comes from Mother Nature.
Some people can use indigo all by itself to get a permanent black, while others have to use henna and indigo. It all depends on the hair of the individual.

There is 3 ways to make black with indigo:

1.One way is to wash hair twice, mix indigo powder with warm water and apply.
Mix the indigo with warm tap water and apply immediately to clean dry hair and rinse 1 to 1 ½ hours later.

Some people will achieve a permanent black by doing this. Some cases it will turn a slight purple or green at first and then it will turn black within 48 hours. Some it might turn purple or green or it might not be permanent. If this one step does not work for you, you will need to purchase the black kit. It comes with 100 grams of henna and 100 grams of indigo.

The kit does not mean you have to do a 2 step just yet. You might be able to get away with mixing 3 parts indigo to 1 part henna. If this does not work then you will need to do the two step process. It is the most tedious, but also the most rewarding because of the conditioning effects.

Please go here to learn how to mix black 3 different ways.

This is how to make browns using indigo:

Dark Brown: Mix 3 parts indigo and 1 part henna. Example: If you add 3 teaspoons of indigo you add one teaspoon of henna. This is perfect for a go-tee or mustache. If you are doing more the same principle applies. Example: Three ¼ cups indigo to one ¼ cup henna. It works the same on any level.

Brown: Mix 2 parts indigo with 1 part henna. Example: If you add 2 teaspoons of indigo and 1 teaspoon of henna you will get a medium brown. This is perfect for a go-tee or mustache. If you are doing more the same principle applies. Example: Mix two 50 grams indigo (one entire pouch) with one 50 grams of henna. This will be enough for bra length hair and works the same on any level.

Light Brown: Mix 1 part indigo and 1 part henna. Whatever amount of indigo you add, add the same amount of henna. Example: 1 table spoon indigo, 1 table spoon henna. This will give you a light brown. The same applies on a larger scale for more hair. 1 half a pack of indigo and 1 half a pack of henna is perfect for bra length hair.

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