Mahogany After Harvest Moon

I recently purchased the Mahogany henna and it was FABULOUS! It covered the few strands of gray hair with rich color, and the rest of my dark brown hair is now a warmer, richer brown. You now have a new regular customer!

Keep up the quality and service!

mahogany over brown





C.W. Jamaica, NY

Natural Mahogany Hair Dye

Two Step Black Henna Hair Dye Repaired My Hair

I just wanted you to know that I am completely satisfied with my purchase. I ordered the Indigo with the black henna kit and my hair is so soft. All the split ends I’ve had are mended, I can comb through my hair w/no tangles and my hair is not shedding after I wash and dry. The henna has given my hair a natural sheen and no more dry itchy scalp. I will continue to order more and will tell my friends about your site.

S.A. Cary, NC

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Sarah N Ooltewah TN

I tried Harvest Moon burgundy hair dye and it worked excellent on my hair. I am so glad that I turned to Henna Hair Dye instead of damaging dyes that have peroxide and other bad chemicals that damage hair to the extremes. Thanks, Harvest Moon you’re the best for hair!



Burgundy over medium brown hair, no gray
Brown hair with highlights before and after using burgundy henna hair dye







Sarah N – Ooltewah,TN

My Hair is Growing Faster With Burgundy

I purchased the hair dye in burgundy and I LOVE IT!

My “before” picture was after I had colored my hair with henna powder from brand “x” and Turkish coffee, which really messed it up. I have black hair (I’m Asian) and this method turned my hair a faded brown. My “after” picture, is after using your burgundy hair dye. It gave me the exact color I wanted! I will definitely purchase from you again, without a doubt! Not only did I get a wonderful color, but my hair is also extremely healthy and seems to be growing out really fast! I have been recommending your product to everyone who asks about my awesome hair!

Before and After Mahogany Burgundy Mix
Harvest Moon mahogany/burgundy mix before and after.

T.N. La Jolla, CA

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Red Henna Hair Dye on Brown

I love my henna hair! It is such a luscious red, unlike that which you get from awful chemical dyes and it makes your hair glow! I just put it on and watch a movie or read a book and it smells good! Henna rocks!

Pure henna over brown hair dye
Brown hair before and after using pure henna by Harvest Moon

S.B., Gulf Shores, AL

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Mahogany Henna Hair Dye

I just wanted to say thank you. I have purchased my very first henna product from your online store. I am very pleased with my purchase and my hair color, and I have been telling my friends. I love the fact that I am using an all-natural product on my hair, and again thank you very much for providing me with a quality product at such a great price and upstanding customer service.

Natural mahogany hair dye on brown hair color.
Natural mahogany hair dye on brown hair color.

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S.M. Sacramento, CA

Deep Red Henna Hair Dye On Dread Locks

I am honestly thrilled with your henna. It hasn’t faded at all and my hair looks so much shinier and healthier. And the color is just so vibrant! I’ve tried several brands and never knew henna could create color like this. I’ve told all my henna-using friends about your website. Your service is fantastic as well.
I have been using Rainbow Research Henna up until now, and I will never be going back. No matter what I did, my hair always came out bright orange. After using your henna it is a vibrant, multi-tonal red and I love it! Plus your henna was much easier to mix and easier to rinse out.
Thank you for selling such an awesome product. You have a Harvest Moon customer for life!

Dread locks using henna hair dye by Harvest Moon
Blond with dreadlocks using Harvest Moon deep red

Deep Red Henna Hair Dye

M.B. Central Falls, RI

H K Chesterbrook PA

I recently bought indigo from you for dying my hair. I have been using indigo and henna for many years now, but I never got something of such great quality as your henna! What I liked best was the almost creamy texture it has when I mix it with hot water. It stays on my hair very well, unlike the “crumply” version of indigo I used in the past. I wonder what the secret is. Is it a different type of henna or do you grind in more finely?
In any case, thank you! I will for sure keep buying from you!


using indigo for black hair


E J Rye Brook NY

Thank you again for all of your help getting me started using henna. I tried using the dark brown again (minus the Head and Shoulders) and my hair color is beautiful already…and it hasn’t even settled in yet for 48 hours. An added plus is that dandruff I was getting from the chemical dye is now gone too. I appreciate your encouragement and customer service above and beyond expectations.

Light Brown Copper Brown Mix Before and After

After I found out I was a diabetic(type2) I decided to use a chemical hair dye to color my hair. To my dismay, my hair started falling out at an alarming rate. It turns out it was a chemical reaction with the hair dye and the medications I have to take. I came to the realization that I would never be able to color my hair again and so made peace with the grey that adorned my head. I tried henna to dye my hair when I was in my teens and knew that it was natural and would not harm my hair. I couldn’t be happier with the results and highly recommend it to those who have to take medications to control their diabetes. Thank you so very much Infinite Earth. Your product gave me back a part of me I thought I had lost.

Copper brown henna hair dye on gray hair
Copper brown henna hair dye on gray hair

M.G. South Lake Tahoe, CA

Copper Brown Hair Dye