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Harvest Moon is now EarthDye. It is the exact same as Harvest Moon. 

You can also make your own copper by mixing dark brown and pure natural red henna. The more red you add, the redder it will be, the more dark brown you add the darker it will be.

EarthDye® Copper Top Brown hair dye works on all hair types. All-natural plant product; No Chemicals, No PPD, No Ammonia, No metallic salts

100 grams EarthDye CopperTop Brown Hair Dye

No chemicals mean this color will not lighten your current hair color. This color will turn gray/white/silver/blonde hair to a sparkling copper brown shade. Any darker strands of hair will become very beautiful shades antique copper brown giving a multi-tonal coloring.

100 grams powder is enough to do mid-back length hair one application. The length of your hair will stay this color, only the new hair growth will need to be touched up as it comes in. Typically hair grows about 1/ 4 inch a month. Some hair grows faster some grows slower, everyone is different.


Covers Gray Effortlessly

EarthDye® copper brown henna hair dye is more of an auburn. On lighter-colored hair, it will be brighter and on browns, it will be darker with hues or natural red. Copper brown is a great color to do highlights in 1 application. If you have brown hair with blond highlights or multicolored hair, you will see more natural red on the lighter areas. Ingredients:

Copper Brown Works On (Hair or Beard)

Copper brown on medium to light-colored hair will be auburn. As you dye your hair and it gets darker, you can switch to pure henna natural red to keep the auburn look. If your hair starts to get more red, you can go over it with copper brown to darken it up. If your hair is darker and you want it lighter please see our lighten your hair in 48 hours naturally page. It is very easy to remove henna this way, however not chemical hair dye.

Our copper brown does not have to match your exact color, it will, in fact, cover white and gray hair and blend naturally, it is a great look for the natural “ginger” effect on lighter red hair.
You can mix copper brown with any of the other colors to make it darker or redder. If you have strands of gray or white, you can do your entire head and it will highlight those lighter strands.

If you are all white the color “might” come out more red. This is not the case for everyone, more so for people who have bleached the hair white or blond, white, or gray hair. Do a strand test to learn which is the best for you. If the first time you do it and it is too red, you can apply it again. Always give it 24 hours as it will get darker.

Once you have established your color, simply do a root touch-up as needed, getting too brown? Then just use Harvest Moon natural red, getting too much red? Then use light or medium brown or mix them together. The more you use it the easier it will be.

Copper brown henna hair dye on gray hair
Copper brown henna hair dye on gray hair

Use Over Chemical Hair Dye

If you have used chemicals you need not worry. You can literally chemical hair dye and then immediately use Harvest Moon over the chemicals. Your hair will be instantly soft after your first shampoo. Harvest Moon has natural conditioners that condition your hair while it is adding color. Please remember colors might come out lighter on chemically dyed blond hair. We always recommend a strand test to see what color to expect.

Hair Growth And Curls

Your curls are safe and you will notice your hair will start to grow faster. This is perfectly normal and a healthy sign your hair is doing better. Harvest Moon will also protect your hair from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

How Much Do You Need?

One package contains 100 grams or about 4 ounces of powder. This is enough to do shoulder blade length hair. If your hair is thick, you might need 1 pack and 1/4th pack mixed. Powder mixed thicker is always better than runny. So make sure you get enough to get the best results.  Whatever you do not use, store in a dry cool place out of light and it will stay fresh up to one year. Unopened it is good for 4-5 years.

If you have any questions, please contact us. We do answer quickly, even on most weekends.

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  1. Linda Ann

    Rodney, thank you for your help today. This is a description of how I came to use, and appreciate your hair dye products:

    I had been dying my delicate blond hair a vibrant red for about 15 years, but one day I suffered a severe allergic reaction to the hair dye. By the end of the day, my face was so swollen my eyes were almost closed. I looked like a monster, and it hurt. A friend took me to an urgent care center, where I received a steroid injection to ensure I didn’t end up in the hospital. I went to my dermatologist’s office the next day and was placed on tablet steroids for ten days, along with a topical steroid that cost $500 per tube! Some mistakes can be very expensive.

    Months later I was brave enough to research natural hair dyes, just hoping I would find something. I was surprised (more like delighted) to learn that henna dye would be safe for people who had endured allergic reactions such as mine. From there I found Hennahut and purchased my first products. I’ve been using these products for about ten years now, and I am a “customer for life.” By mixing several colors I am able to create the exact shade I want, but my favorite now is COPPER TOP. It’s a perfectly warm, natural-looking color for an older blond.

    So, thank you. I truly appreciate your making these products available at reasonable rates, and I feel SAFE knowing that the hair dye actually makes my hair stronger…..THANK YOU!

    your fan,
    Linda Ann

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