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Henna tattoo kit by Harvest Moon® allows you to fill cones fresh and saves you money.  You will get 100 grams of BTBAQ (better than body art quality) henna powder and a baker’s dozen (13) empty mylar 50-gram henna cones and one 6 ml shelly oil. Our Harvest Moon® empty henna cones have the finest tip you can find on the market and our is henna better than the best. You can trim the tip-off to make it as big as your design requires. Tips are sealed (cut to desired thickness). Get your Henna tattoo kit today.

13 cone kit (100 gram of henna, 6ml shelly oil)

Free Henna Tattoo E-Book

  • Get a free download “How to Rake in The Cash Doing Henna Tattoos” any time you purchase the henna tattoo kit.  You will need to send us an email and let us know if you want it. I have made a lot of money doing private parties, festivals, and fundraisers, you can as well. I am not even an artist, I use stencils and an ink pad, anyone can do this!

Henna Tattoo Tips

Tip:Add black walnut extract to the mix to make a very dark henna stain. A little goes a long way.  Never mix chemical hair dye with henna for tattoos.  That can scar and leave a mark for life. Especially black chemical hair dye.

Tip: Use Shelly Oil to help boost henna powder for better stains and it keeps it from drying as fast.

Free Henna Recipes

Thre are so many different ways to mix henna, we have had henna tattoo artists send us recipes they swear on, but the fact is we have not had to mix it many different ways. Our henna powder works fast and efficiently.
Click here for free recipes.


Make Money Doing Henna Tattoos Right in Your Own Back Yard


You can do henna tattoos just about anywhere and festivals are in abundance. This ebook explains the ins and outs and how to make the best of doing henna tattoos to make money.


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Looks cool, excited to get into it!!

We are excited as well! So much color!! WOOT!