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You have been dying your hair now for more than 10 years and the proof is more than in the pudding, it’s on your head, or maybe you are feeling it on your face if you are a man. With all of the toxic chemicals in hair dye and easy access to the internet, you have found the one site that can help you more than anyone. It is about time your hair matters and we are glad you are here and we can certainly help you out. Most chemical hair dyes are leaving hair brittle and frying the hair follicle right off of your head. Maybe you have hair falling out in clumps, or maybe you were diagnosed with eczema, when in fact it was the allergic reaction to the big box permanent hair color you just purchased from your local Walgreen.

Taking Care of Your Hair

When it comes to hair care, no one cares more than master colorist Rod Harper. He has been dying peoples hair for over a decade. He is the master of healthy hair color, and when it comes to coloring your hair he takes it extremely serious. So many people have not even heard of natural hair color that is chemical-free. They have been lied to over and over. Some companies like Madison Reed are getting rid of Paraphenylenediamine (PPD), but are still loaded with sulfates and other activators that are not good for the hair or give people a bad reaction. On top of that cruelty-free is important to many as well. It is not fair to those in the “all-natural hair dye” business when all the ad spots are taken by the over-inflated chemical hair dye giants. What makes it even worse is the fact they are saying it is “all-natural” because they add some olive oil, or it is PPD free or ammonia-free. Europe banned 23 chemicals which got a lot of the big box companies attention. If you have a hair dye that tells you not to wash your hair before application, this is downright scary. The fact they are telling everyone it is natural when it is only partially natural is pathetic. Brands like EarthDye and Harvest Moon Cosmetics can tell you first hand, people are terrified to try anything else because they have been lied to over and over. Yet they are desperate to not look 20 years older. They call in over and over making us promise there is not any ppd in the hair dye. It is the same statement over and over and over again, “ chemical hair dye sent me to the ER, my face was on fire, I had scars from the blisters or was misdiagnosed for psoriasis or eczema.” Why is this allowed? Simple; money. The hair dye industry is a billion-dollar industry and has not even come up on the radar because people dismiss it once they get to feeling better.


Henna Hair Dye Mix
Harvest Moon Mahogany Burgundy Mix on White Hair

Natural Colors That Are Really Natural

It is bad enough they poison our food, our shampoos and conditioners, and our environment. Simple math: 680,000 salons in the USA alone, where does it all go after it is rinsed? Let’s not forget Walgreens, which has 9,560 drugstores, 6,363 Walmart’s, grocery stores, CVS and so forth and so on. 100’s of thousands combined that sell chemical hair dye, that is millions of packs of chemicals washed down the drain from hair and beard dye every single day. Many salons are even making you sign a waiver saying you get patch tested before they apply the dye at the salon. When it comes to natural hair dye, it is not that easy. We tested over 200 crops of plants around the world over 10 years and still doing so that we stay chemical-free and the results are better than expected. Even while searching for the perfect all-natural hair dye, one that is healthy for your hair, and we spurn one after another and had almost lost all hope, until we found “Robby”, AKA “Jaspreet Singh”, a native to New Delhi (they prefer to say Delhi). Robby was a broker that can get you just about anything you ask for, even hair dye. This is when Robby became our point of convergence, our hero and savior you might want to think. Robby listened and communicated better than any of the plants we contacted in India. And by the way, we tested product from, Yemen, Egypt, China, Pakistan and all over India. India and Egypt dated the farthest back as far as natural henna hair dye went and every country was more than willing to give us free hair dye to try out. Robby was different, his communication was great and he listened, and ultimately came up with what will become Harvest Moon hair dye 2 years later. To me, it was utter disbelief that no one was making natural hair dye, or better said “100% chemical-free hair dye”. Simply said, henna and indigo have been around for a thousand years, or at least as far back as we can go with our history books. It sounds and looks more complicated, but the fact is; before you can get in your car, drive to the salon, have your hair done, I could have dyed your hair and be ready to catch the game, with popcorn ready and my shoes off. Maybe even got a nap in. So if you are looking for hair dye that is great for your hair and great for your environment or more important your grandkids environment, keep reading.


Henna Hair Dye Done Simple

So you watch YouTube or read about it, but the fact of the matter is, so many people have it all wrong. It is either fluffed, misguided, fallacious or flat out deceiving. After all, the hair dye is political in many ways. Big box companies want you to keep coming back for more, but how can they if you bust out a rash or worse your esophagus swells up and you can’t breathe or swallow, which are signs you are having a chemical reaction to chemical hair dye. Back in the ’90s and early 2000s, if you wanted natural hair dye, you had to turn to two main ingredients: Henna and indigo. Henna gives a natural redhead color and indigo gives a blue color, combine the 2 and you get browns, coppers and blacks. Back in the ’90s and 2000’s you had to measure and mix it yourself. It was tedious and with all of the chatter on the net, it could be quite confusing. That is where Rod Harper and Robby came in. Rod came up with the idea to pre-mix it and Robby was the only person in India who believed in him and thought that it would be a great idea. This was a game-changer in the henna hair dye world, and Harvest Moon was on its way to be the largest henna importer in the USA. One thing they did was use basic, simple steps, with the purest, freshest quality grown henna they could find. To many farmers farm their henna 2 times a year, which results in poor quality. Another important factor is the nourishment. The soil if over-harvested loses all of its nutrients and does not have any “food” left for the baby shrubs to grow into full-grown adult plants, and this is the hard and expensive part. This is probably why brands like Rainbow can sell it so cheap. It is worth paying a few more dollars for a product that actually works and works well. Harvest Moon and EarthDye are the most expensive on the market and this is why. You have to put back what you take, or you risk growing the best quality product. This is also the reason the majority of henna hair dye on the market is no good. This is bad news for the entire market because the newbies have no experience and if they try the poor quality henna and indigo and have a bad experience they assume it is all bad. Approximately 30% do not give up and pursue other brands, and with big-box companies hogging the advertising spots on Google, Bing, and Yahoo, what’s the little guy to do? Let’s face it people are sick of advertisements, and Facebook and social media are overwhelming. 75-85% of the new natural hair dye companies that start-up, shut down within a year. You have to have thousands of repeat customers and it takes time to pick up that many, especially in today’s market where the chemical hair dye companies keep lying about having chemicals in their hair dye or beard dye. EarthDye said one fact holds true: “when you bring a great product and solve a problem, word of mouth will take over.” That is what exactly happened with EarthDye. They have more than tripled in size in the past year and owe it all to their customers. Verbal evidence is the absolute most helpful and the most damning for any company. Today’s technology is 500,000 times faster than the pony express was and if you like or hate something, you can let everyone know in a matter of seconds.


Get Your Hair Back

So by now, you realize that you are tired of being taken for granted, tired of the lies the big box companies are telling you and tired of things not working as described. Reviews are fake or not telling you the entire truth, competitors leave false reviews to keep the new competition out and folks like Amazon only care about who sells more for less. On top of that, many online companies get very comfortable with the income they are making and tend to blow off support. It surely happens to me time and time again. It is like no one cares at all, which is amazing. Poor customer service can surely encourage new competition, or send you back to the starting line. I have some companies I have sent emails to about questions well over 3 months ago and still no response. What gives? This makes me extremely wary to make a purchase and sends me looking elsewhere. After all, if they can’t respond to a simple email, why would they even bother sending a package? If you want to get your hair back on track and do it quickly, you need a healthy hair dye. Both EarthDye and Harvest Moon add natural conditioners and natural nourishment into their already natural healthy hair dye. One of the ingredients “amla” is from the Indian gooseberries and packs a whopping 30 times more vitamin c than an orange. This is huge! The one thing people will notice is their hair starts growing fast and becomes healthier quickly. If you are switching from chemical hair dye, you will notice the hair is softer instantly after your first shampoo. Unfortunately, when hair grows faster it also means the gray or white roots come in quicker as well. Both companies have 12 or so different colors, EarthDye has a soft black and ash brown that Harvest Moon does not have and Harvest Moon has a fire engine red and blond that EarthDye does not have. The great thing with both companies is you can mix and match any of the colors to create even more colors. So let’s say you want a very light brown, just mix blond with light brown to make it lighter. You can even send them your picture and they will get the staffs opinion on which color you should use. Who does this? Thank goodness for goodness, and thank EarthDye and Harvest Moon for caring about you and the environment more than they do for themselves. When it comes to healthy hair dye, trust EarthDye and Harvest Moon hair dye.



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