Sunset Orange hair dye

Sunset Orange hair (pure henna with Shelly Oil) dye is very much like sunset glow,but is 100% pure henna with 1 bottle of shelly oil per pack.

Sunset Orange is Pure Henna With Shelly Oil

Sunset Orange Hair Dye (Includes 1 Shelly Oil)

Sunset Orange Henna Hair Dye

Includes 100 grams/3.5 oz & 1 bottle of Shelly oil

Reg. Price $17.43

Sunset Orange Hair Dye 3-pack $11.48 Each! Save!(Includes 3 Shelly Oil)
Re-Usable Hair Dye Application & Root Touch Up Kit

Sunset Orange Hair Dye 5-pack 10.98 Each! Save BIG!(Includes 5 Shelly Oil)

Hair Kit Comes With :

  • Latex Gloves
  • Shower Cap
  • Hair Clips
  • Application Brush
  • Root Touch Up Cone


Sunset orange is a super red orange color on blondes and gray hair. It is Pure henna (natrual red) and comes with Shelly oil to make it super bright sunset orange. Those with brunette hair will get a dark color with orange hints. Blonds and gray headed people will be sunset orange. Strand test to see how long to leave the paste on to get your desired color. 1 hour is usually more than enought time. Do not wrap hair.


  • This is not Sunset glow by Lucent, but is very similar in color.
  • It is a permanent hair dye and 100% pure henna.
  • Looks fabulous and better than your own natural color.
  • Simply add water and a couple of drops-1 bottle of Shelly oil (Included).

Natural Hair color | after application

sunset orange hair dye color chart