Choosing the right hair color for you really depends on four things.

1. Your skin tone
2. Your eye color
3. Your natural hair color
4. Preference

You will need to decide if you are one of these skin color tones.

1. Warm = Your hair is naturally red, reddish blonde, or golden brown; your skin will be peach or gold undertones, copper, caramel or golden undertones.
2. Cool = your hair is naturally dark brown, golden blonde or bluish black. Your skin is pale with visible pink or no undertones.

A quick way to figure out if you are a warm or cool skin tone is to look at the veins in your arms. If they are a greenish tint you are a warm tone, if they are blue then you are a cool.

Try deep, rich colors like dark brown, mahogany and auburn for warm/golden skin tones. Warm yellows” do best with copper, cinnamon, ginger, russet and strawberry shades of red hair color

Shades of brown (light/ medium), burgundy, ruby and light reds are good for cool/blue-red skin tones.

Every skin tone is different just as your natural color is different. Henna hair dye blends with your natural color to give you a one of a kind color.

How our colors work

Harvest Moon Hair dye works by binding to the protein of the hair and covering the natural color you start with.

So our colors do not go lighter. If you have black hair and use light brown you will not see any color change. If you start with white hair, the color you get is the color it will be.

We do sell samples to use on small areas that you can do a patch test with. This will help determine the exact shade you will achieve.

Remember if you have multiple shades of hair that are darker and lighter the lighter areas will match the color you are using.

So if you are using red and you have brown hair with gray, the gray will show the red better or as highlights.

If you are brown and have gray hair and you use brown, the gray will be brown and match the color of the rest of your hair.


  1. by Lourise April 1, 2022 9:37 pm

    Hi , I am new to Henna and want to
    use for the first time. I have greys and dark brown hair that has been chemically dyed. I am after black colour, so do I buy indigo?

    • by harvestmoon April 5, 2022 2:36 pm

      Hi Lourise. Here is some great info about black, you will need to find the one that works best for you. The simplest way is to mix dark brown with indigo 50/50 (half and half). Here is a few other ways. If your hair needs love the best is the two step indigo and henna.

  2. by Angela Lawrence April 14, 2021 6:24 pm

    Hi i have already dyed deep dark red hair and want a natural dye as i have become allergic to ppd. What colour would I use? Thanks

    • by harvestmoon April 20, 2021 10:34 am

      Hi Angela, What color is your hair now? Deep red is great for brown hair or lighter. Black hair you will not see it except maybe in the sun, ours is 100% chemical free.

  3. by Bonnie mckinney October 29, 2020 1:55 pm

    I have all grey hair..I want it to be champagne color with a few grey highlights..what color do I buy?

    • by harvestmoon October 30, 2020 11:50 am

      Hi Bonnie! If it is a dark gray the natural light blond hair dye will not show up. If it is white then it will work wonderfully!

  4. by Susan Turi August 20, 2020 12:07 pm

    This is still confusing. “If you are brown” meaning a brunette? Or have brown skin… If you have veins that look bluish but you have naturally light brown hair with green eyes then you are warm and cool? aka ” neutral”?
    Have never got a reliable measure of warm/cool tones in the 5 years been reading posts on the subject. Never. Please can someone give clear info? Gold jewelry looks better on my skin tone than silver(warm), but I have bluish veins(cool), have light brown hair(warm), and green eyes(warm) but I have pink undertones& freckling(cool). So what skin tone is that? If it’s neutral then why does gold jewelry look better than silver( warm)? Makes NO sense.
    I came here looking for a tone of henna color that would suit me, and am still lost.

    • by harvestmoon August 20, 2020 9:03 pm

      What color is your hair now and what color do you want it to be?

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