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All Natural Henna Hair Dye
For Any Race MEN and WOMEN!
Safe For The Whole Family!

Many Colors To Choose From!
Double Sealed For Freshness.
Just Add Water!
One Step Process (except black in some cases)

  • No waiting over night for dye to release!
  • Twice as much as most leading competitors!
  • No adding lemon!
  • No carving blocks!
  • No microwaving or boiling, just add tap water,mix and apply!
  • Works fast and is permanent!
  • Works on chemical treated hair!
  • Works on eyebrows as well (follow eyebrow instructions)!
  • 100% Vegan!
  • 0 chemicals!
  • Use as often as you like!
  • All colors are powder pre-mixed!
  • All colors are a fine powder form NOT bricks or liquid.

Step 1. Wash hair with shampoo, no conditioner ( 2 times is best)
Step 2. Mix and Apply!
Step 3.
Rinse and enjoy!

Worlds Greatest Henna For Hair
Signature requested on delivery
Re-Usable Hair Dye Application & Root Touch Up Kit
Facebook Post:
hi, just want to let you know something personal... i love you. i've been using your aloe shampoo and you've solved all my hair problems for the past two years. i wish i had found you earlier... i now just sit here running my fingers though my hair in awe at the softness and strength. thank you for a great product!


Henna is wonderful for your hair and scalp. The benefits are overwhelming. You owe it to your self to try natural henna on your hair.

Lucille Ball (I love Lucy show) used henna in her hair her whole life to keep a strawberry red color. Henna hair dyes are among the top hair coloring in the world. Natural henna is wonderful for the scalp and hair. All the women in India use this to help them keep there natural shiny thick soft hair. That is why it is known that women from India have the fullest most beautiful hair on the planet.

Herbal hair henna or henna for the hair from Henna Hut is all natural. We do not use any dyes or PPD. Henna hair dye was one of the first hair colors ever used for hair and facial hair. Later harmful chemicals were added and it started to get a bad name. Be sure you have real henna powder and not the harmful ones with PPD in them.

All of our products are 100% natural.
1. Henna and indigo make browns, blacks and mahogany colors. Ours is pre-mixed.
4. Pomonograde peel and neutral henna gives a red color.
5. Orange peel, lemon peel, aloe extract dried and indigo give burgundy color.
6. Indigo by itself makes hair a black color, use henna first to create a jet black.

Henna for hair is the same as henna for beard. If you are using it for the beard, make sureyou get the beard dye, as it comes with directions for the beard.

Safe for cancer patients,minors,pregnant women and people that have been hospitalized for allergic reactions to chemical hair dye. This dye is also used for beard dye.

 Learn more about how henna hair dye works

We accept almost all forms of payment! Any credit cards (accept some gift cards), Pay Pal, Google check out, echecks, money orders and regular checks.

Actual color may vary due to screen settings and the color of your natural hair.
Please do a strand test on hair if you are uncertain of color. Henna is fun and once you find the color you love you will be a henna user for life. REMEMBER Henna Natural Color will settle over a 48 hour period. Learn more about how henna hair dye works. 100 grams will be enough to do mid-back length hair. When in doubt please ask :)

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Worlds Greatest Natural Hair Dye!

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