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Welcome to Infinite Earth– “America’s” best-selling hair dye for men and women. Here you can learn about and purchase natural hair products and cosmetics. All of our products are chemical-free and have no metals or ammonia. It comes straight from Mother Nature. So when we say all-natural henna hair dye or all-natural hair colors we mean it. Infinite Earth Cosmetics is committed to quality chemical-free hair and beard dye. Here at Infinite Earth we sell and ensure the best dye money can buy. We ship daily and we ship worldwide.

  • The Worlds Best Henna
    The Worlds Best Henna
    Infinite Earth is not just any henna for hair, it is the best you will ever find. We tested over 200 different crops world wide that grow henna and indigo, to bring you the best premium quality henna hair dye.
  • 1 Step Process
    1 Step Process
    Mixing, boiling and running out to the store for extra ingredients is the old way of using henna. Not any more, Harvest Moon takes the guess work out, and puts easy application in.
  • Henna Hair Dye That Works Fast
    Henna Hair Dye That Works Fast
    Lets face it, your busy, we are busy, and the less time you spend doing your hair the more time you have to do the things you enjoy.
  • We Ship As Fast As We Can
    We Ship As Fast As We Can
    We process orders as fast as we can. We like to get it fast and we want you to get it fast! We ship to most countries and we work around the clock when needed. Orders are processed in 4-48 hours.
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Relentless pursuit of research. Since 2006 we have spent countless hours providing the best henna hair dye money can buy. It works faster, lasts longer, and looks better than any other brand on the market.  Learn More



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See our before and after photos of real customers. We have had many of the same customers for over 12 years, because we have the best natural hair dye you can find. We are coming up on 14 years!


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